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Our mission is to bring greater value to our customers by redefining how structured settlements payments are bought and sold.

At CrowFly, We Know You Deserve More

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CrowFly was created by John Bair, Nita Bhatia, and Tony Barnes. Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, our company aims to change the way structured settlement payments are sold and bought across the country. Our online platform directly connects sellers with qualified buyers - cutting out the expensive middleman and getting both parties more money at the end.

We pride ourselves on transparency, accessibility, top-class customer support from real individuals, and educating others about the structured settlement sale process.

We are committed to acting ethically to get you a better outcome, always. We know you deserve a better way.

For buyers, we connect you to a new, reliable and stable asset.

For sellers, we help individuals and families get as much money as quickly as possible.

The Most Direct Path to Your Future

With CrowFly, you don’t have to fly around in circles to get what you deserve.

We are committed to getting you a better outcome. Always.

When you need to sell your structured settlement payment, you need a team who knows how to help you get the best result. That team is CrowFly.

An Online Platform Designed for You

At CrowFly, our transparent, efficient, and easy-to-use platform directly connects sellers and buyers, minimizing transaction costs and maximizing the value of their money. With a strong ethical purpose, low-pressure environment, and emphasis on customer experience, we are changing the way structured settlement payments are bought and sold. 

Common Problems

The Seller’s Problem

There is no way to reverse a structured settlement agreement in order to get a lump sum of cash instead. In order to get money from your structured settlement, transferring the rights to future structured settlement payments is the only option. Unfortunately, sellers’ best interests are not usually prioritized in this market. Some companies pay pennies on the dollar for an individual’s future payments. Sellers often end up receiving less than what they deserve for their valuable asset.

As a seller, the experience can be overwhelming because of the financial and emotional pressure to make decisions quickly with limited options and information. By the end, sellers should feel confident that they are getting the most money possible for their asset and that they have made the best choice.

The Buyer’s Problem

Investors are seeking investment opportunities outside of the stock market that have higher returns and lower risks. Traditionally, asset-based investments like litigation and real estate have been difficult for everyday investors to access, as they are mostly available only to institutions and large companies.

As a result, potential buyers might not be aware of structured settlement payments as an asset they could purchase. They may not understand how these guaranteed future payments work, or how to take advantage of this opportunity.

The CrowFly Way

We built CrowFly to solve both problems. Our digital platform is designed to connect eligible investors to verified assets available in all 50 states. CrowFly is dedicated to creating an experience that is easy, fast, and transparent because you deserve to receive as much of your money as possible. Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, you deserve a better deal.

CrowFly Is Built to Help Get the most out of your structured settlement payments.