How We Get Sellers More Money

How CrowFly Gets Sellers More Money

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If you’ve decided to sell your structured settlement payments, you want to get the most money possible for them. Different companies will offer different prices for your asset, so shopping around for the best deal before you make a decision is the right thing to do.

At CrowFly, we actively work to get sellers the most money. Here’s how:

1. We get sellers more money by cutting transaction costs.

CrowFly’s digital platform connects individual sellers directly with qualified buyers, which minimizes the cost of the sale. Without a “middleman” who takes more money from your asset — which is what other companies have — sellers who use our platform receive the maximum value for their future structured settlement payments. The person who buys your asset benefits, too, as they will pay less for a great addition to their investment portfolio. It’s a win-win.

So, yes, we at CrowFly make less on transferring your structured settlement payments than our competitors do. We believe that people deserve to get the most money for their asset, so that’s more important to us.

2. We get sellers more money with our lower discount rate.

Two other factors impact the amount of money every seller receives for their future payments: the payments’ present value and their discount rate. The present value of your payments does not equal their face value. In fact, present value is lower because inflation will affect the value of your payments as you receive them over time.

The discount rate represents the percentage at which your future payments will be discounted on a yearly basis, and it’s how we figure out their present value. Think about it like the interest rate charged for a loan: The lower the rate, the more money you get to keep. The higher the rate, the more money you lose. It’s a similar situation.

The range of discount rates you are likely to see in the industry is between 6% and 12%. However, the average discount rate on transfers through CrowFly's platform for 2020 was 5.63%. This means we alone in the industry will get you the most money for your future payments.

We might offer the best rate, but we’ll never push you to sell or use our platform.

Curious how much money you’ll get for your future structured settlement payments? Use our free calculator to receive an estimate right now. If you like what you see with the estimate, you can take it a step further and get a free quote from us, too. A quote differs from an estimate because oftentimes, when our transaction navigators have the information they need to calculate your future payments with CrowFly’s rate, it ends up being even better than what you see on the calculator. You can also call (888) 560-6629 or email to talk with a member of our team about our discount rate and what you can expect in the selling process.

There is zero pressure to sell your asset, or to even choose us if you do sell. If you’re curious feel free to start with a quote here.

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