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At CrowFly, we believe that open, transparent access to as much information as possible results in better outcomes for individuals looking to sell future structured settlement payments. In that spirit, we publicly post our average discount rate for transfers as of January 21, 2021: 5.63% for the 12- month average.

Discount rate is an important component of every transaction. The discount rate represents the percentage at which your future payments will be discounted on a yearly basis in order to determine the present value, or how much a buyer will pay you. Some people think of this as similar to the interest rate charged for a loan. It's different, but a familiar comparison: The lower the rate, the more money you get to keep; the higher the rate, the more money you lose.

As a general rule, the range of discount rates you are likely to see in the industry are between 6% and 12%. We are extremely proud to share that the average discount rate on transfers executed through CrowFly's platform is 6.05%.

What does this mean? And why aren't all transfers in the industry executed at the same discount rate?

Imagine you have a structured settlement that pays you $10,000 a year for 20 years starting one year from today. That's $200,000 total face value. But that amount is not what someone will pay you upfront for those future payments. In fact, if you just consider inflation alone, the value of these payments becomes quite a bit less.

We can go into the specific reasons and details around the time-value of money another day. But the important thing to note is:

The difference between the bottom of the range and top of the range in this scenario is about $40,000 — which is less money going to you! So, obviously, you will want the lowest possible discount rate, because you want the highest possible value out of your future payments.

CrowFly is a service dedicated to getting you the best deal. We are not focused on making the most profit from each deal. Rather, we charge a fair fee for finding the best outcome. The best part is that buyers pay that fee (and still get a low-risk investment with a solid yield). So, for you, the seller, there is no cost to finding the best outcome.

If you don't believe us, try out our estimate calculator, or give us a call at (888) 560-6629. We're here to help.

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