How Often Do People Sell Structured Settlement Payments?

People who win a personal injury case and receive a structured settlement rely on their periodic payments to financially sustain themselves. But life happens, financial situations change, and emergencies and opportunities arise. Some people decide to sell structured settlement payments to relieve snowballing debt or cover a sudden expense.

If this is the situation you’re in, you may be thinking: Should I really sell my structured settlement? Do other people sell too?

Nearly One-Fifth of Structured Settlement Recipients Sell Their Payments

Only some people with structured settlements end up transferring the rights to their future payments. There is no register of people selling structured settlement payments, but the National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP) estimates that less than 20 percent of structured settlement recipients sell any amount of their future payments. We estimate as many as 10,000 transactions take place each year.

There are several reasons that few people sell their structure. For one, not all structured settlements can be legally sold. Examples of sellable payments are those that come from personal injury settlements, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and physical-injury-related mass tort and class action lawsuits. Some workers' compensation agreements may allow for the sale of future payments in certain states. Whether or not the holder of the structured settlement is permitted to sell also depends on the terms in the original agreement. 

Secondly, some sellers are able to use other assets to cover emergencies and expenses, allowing their structured settlement payments to continue into the future. This really is the preferred outcome, so if it’s possible for you, we advise it.

But for those who have nowhere else to turn financially, their future payments could be their saving grace when a big expense arises suddenly. 

At CrowFly, we aim to fully inform each individual who comes to us for assistance. For us, it’s not all about selling. It’s about doing what’s right and fair. That means educating sellers like you on your options. If there is a better option for you, we are happy to point that out. If selling is the right decision for you, we are here to explain your options and what you can expect during the process. Our team would be happy to provide more information about selling your future payments, our process, and what you can expect. We also offer a few helpful resources online, like our free structured settlement calculator and our blog

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