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Competition Is Good for Structured Settlement Holders in Need of Immediate Cash

The CrowFly team is excited to introduce more competition into the “secondary market” for structured settlement payments.

Much like the LendingTree motto – “When Banks compete, you win.”   We would say, “when buyers compete, sellers win.” 

So let the buyers compete! We have built a platform to achieve that for you.

And we understand that some of the established players are upset with us for it. In the past, individuals had little visibility into how much money they might be able to get by selling the rights to their structured settlement payments. They had to figure out who to call and then get through generally aggressive salespeople on the phone who promised things they couldn't deliver. It was a hassle.

Not any more.

CrowFly was established to change that. Much like LendingTree did for mortgages, or LendingClub does for personal loans, we believe that a transparent technology solution that pools buyer demand will provide clarity as well as more money for your structure settlement payment rights.

And even if we can’t win every seller’s confidence, we can at least inform you of what makes a great price. We have had individuals reach out to us and say that our online quote enabled them to improve offers from competitors by tens of thousands of dollars.


We want to improve outcomes in this industry and raise its profile, even if you don't sell through us. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting taken advantage of. The Attorney General in Maryland has it right. Residents of that state have access to a vetted list of purchasing companies. We are proud to be one of these companies that go through an extensive review by the AG’s office to make sure they abide by appropriate ethical standards.CrowFlys discount rate

Now, we are not alone in having some transfers with a 4% discount rate. But ask any company you are talking to what their average discount rates are. Ask them to post it on their site with confidence.

Then ask them if they can explain the waiting period required in your state between signing a Disclosure statement and the actual contract (Purchase and Sale Agreement) and how that protects you.

Ask them how your lump-sum payment compares to taking out a personal loan online without collateral or great credit, and if this is a better outcome for you.

Even better, ask an independent financial professional if this is a good move for you.

Once you’ve done all that, we think our free, easy-to-use online estimation tool is a great place to see how we are different. And to know how much immediate financial relief your payments can bring in this low-interest-rate environment.

But then again, we like competition and easy access to information.

Do you?

CrowFly does not provide legal, financial or tax advice. CrowFly is not registered with the Securities Exchange Commission and is not licensed to sell insurance in any state. Please consult with an attorney, accountant, tax advisor, and/or licensed financial planner for advice concerning your particular circumstances.