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What to Expect When You Call CrowFly

Searching for a company to sell your structured settlement can be a difficult process. There is little to no clarity, many different companies to choose from, and seemingly obvious sales techniques being used the second you start asking for information. It can be hard to know who to trust.

Whether you are in dire need to pay off medical or student loan debt, you want to start a new business venture, you need a new house, or it’s time for a new car, we are here to understand and listen to those needs. 

There are many companies that will value your assets around the same amount. But here at CrowFly, we see our service a little different than just awarding you top dollar. 

When people call us, they are often surprised that we care about helping them. We are more than just a service or a simple transferee company. When we pick up the phone, we want to listen, learn, and educate our potential sellers. We respect your needs and pride ourselves in being one of the only transparent and educating companies in this industry. 

We understand that you most likely received these payments from a traumatic experience. We don’t think you should just go with a company that sells you; we think you should go with a company that listens, understands, and educates. 

You wouldn’t go with the first used car salesman you meet no matter how much money he can promise you, and how good of a deal he says you’re getting. You’re going to look around, do some research, and make a calculated decision about which car and company fit you best.

We pride ourselves on our excellent service - the ability to be there to pick up the phone or respond to a text or email when you need us, no matter what the question is. We will help you reach your goals and solve your problem. 

The process is as simple as calling us and letting us know what your needs are, offering you the best service and a great quote, and preparing the paperwork for you. At CrowFly, we’ll encourage you to seek independent advice from a licensed financial professional to review the terms that we draft for you. 

Once your paperwork is complete, we will submit it for a court date with one of our trusted attorneys all over the country. The court process is simple; as the judge reviews your paperwork, he or she will see how we have clearly communicated your needs, and he or she will help you reach them by approving the transfer. 

With a 100 percent court approval rate, we are able to deliver some of the best services with respect, kindness, and education along the way. After court is over, your funds will be ready for you to buy that new car or house, pay off the debt, and change your life. 

It has been a pleasure of ours to help many people like you. We hope you consider giving us a call and seeing how different our service is from the first conversation you have with someone at CrowFly.