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Why Would I Sell My Structured Settlement?

There is a very easy immediate answer to the question, “why would I sell my structured settlement?” Technically, you can’t sell your structured settlement. Now you may be thinking: “What? Why should I keep reading?” 

Well, you do not own your structured settlement, therefore, you cannot sell your structured settlement. You can, however, sell the right to receive future payments from your structured settlement.

When you, or someone on your behalf, negotiated your settlement originally, the payment stream that was set up probably made a lot of sense. Perhaps you were a child and would need monthly payments when you turned 18. Or maybe you were a working adult, so periodic lump sums seemed perfect for your goals at the time. You might not even be the original payee - the structure could have been set up for someone who is no longer living, and you are receiving payments as the beneficiary.

As we all know, circumstances change. You might have been working when you negotiated your settlement, and now you have lost your job. Now, the promise of getting that lump sum payment in 10 years isn’t so attractive. Alternatively, something good might have happened.  Perhaps you’ve met the person of your dreams and want to buy a house. It will take a long time to save those monthly payments in order to have enough for a down payment.

CrowFly can help you with this. We are able to connect you with someone who will purchase the rights to some or all of your future payments in order to get you a lump sum now. We are committed to acting in your best interest, in order to help you meet your goals. We will help you get as much money as you need as quickly as possible. If you are interested in learning more about the process of selling the rights to your future structured settlement payments and what you can expect, give us a call today at (888) 560-6629.