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Tired of Rapidly Declining Interest on Your Savings? We Have Options.

If you are lucky enough to have money tucked away these days, you likely have a variety of accounts, including some designated as a savings safety net. Maybe you have given in and asked one of the big players to hold it for you and tell you each month how it's doing. Maybe you check accounts on weekends and in fleeting moments to make sure everything is there and still growing.

In either case, if you are like me and many other Americans, you have some holdings in Money Market or Saving accounts (that last year were paying 2%!).

Now, over the last few months, you probably received notices that said due to market conditions 2% was going to 1.75%. (Ok, that’s still good.)

Then to 1.5%. (Still better than my checking account.)

And now down to 1%. (Ok. This is ridiculous.)

Suddenly the yield on that savings safety net isn't feeling so high.

It gets worse. With the Fed Rate and LIBOR approaching 0%, don't be surprised if you get the note that your interest is falling below 1%...

And when you look for non-market correlated alternatives, you see that most options are not looking very attractive (estimates based on aggregate data from publicly available sources 7/9/2020):

  • Savings accounts 1%
  • 5 year Treasury Bond 0.25%
  • 30 year Treasury Bond 1.25%
  • 2 year CDs 1.1%
  • 5 year CDs 1.5%
  • 20-year immediate annuity 1.55%

We are here to tell you that there are better options. And at CrowFly, we are happy to offer some of them.

We are an online service that provides investor access to defined payment streams guaranteed by the claims-paying ability of top-rated insurance companies. You can find monthly payments for 20 years, single future lump sums, or even combinations of payments. There is a multitude of options that fit what you are looking for.

And the best part is that the yields can be as high as 4% or more!

CrowFly works hard every day to help families and individuals who need immediate funds, but only have these guaranteed payments, which are backed by insurance companies you already know and trust. We help them to get the funds they need by connecting them with you. They get the money they need without painful loan processes or credit checks, and at a rate that is fair. You get a great yield on defined future payments.

We think this is exactly what technology is made for – connecting people and offering them the best outcomes. In the past, you did not have access to this kind of asset without it going through multiple layers of Wall Street and ending up with much lower yields. With CrowFly, now you have the chance to do some good and make a great return.

Check us out at, or give us a call at (888) 560-6629. We are here to help.