military father and daughter

Military Families and Our Commitment to Fairness

CrowFly was created to solve a problem in the structured settlement industry. We believe that when structured settlement annuitants are in a financial bind and need to sell their future payments, they deserve a transparent option that focuses on their best interests. Our company supports those who contact us for help, and we are committed to treating each person fairly – no matter what they ultimately decide to do with their future payments. Our clients who are military veterans and active-duty personnel are especially close to our hearts. We know that for them, finding the resources to plan for a strong financial future isn’t always easy. But CrowFly was co-founded by a former service member who has not only dedicated his career to assisting his fellow Americans but who also understands the unique challenges faced by military families and wants to help.

“My dad was in the military; he was in World War II and the Korean War,” said John Bair, co-founder of CrowFly. “I grew up wanting to be a military officer. I went to the United States Military Academy at West Point, and I served as an Army officer. My integrity and conviction to serve others were born during those formative years.”

During 11 years in the military, John was an Army captain and served in Fort Hood, TX, Fort Irwin, CA, and South Korea. His experiences strengthened his passion for helping people. Following John’s military service, he shaped his career to help and protect people in a different way. In the settlement planning industry, John and his team have assisted thousands of families, many of whom include retired military personnel.

At CrowFly, we work with people who have structured settlements but are in need of immediate cash. For veterans and service members, our team’s commitment to fairness and putting people over profit provides for an easier, faster, and more transparent environment within which to sell their future structured settlement payments. In addition to working hard to get sellers the most money possible, we never push anyone to sell. Instead, we actively listen in order to understand their circumstances, their financial need, and whether selling really is the best option for them. Then, we educate potential sellers on their options, the implications of selling their future payments, and what the process looks like. For active and retired military personnel, our team is always available to have a conversation. Our goal is to help people make the right decision with their structured settlement and for their financial future.