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Jacob Fox Joins CrowFly as Summer Intern

blogWe’re excited to announce that Jacob Fox has joined the CrowFly team as a summer intern! We asked Jacob a few questions about his life, school, and background. Here’s what he had to say.

Where do you attend school, and what do you study?

I currently attend the University at Buffalo, and I just completed my first year in the MBA program. I also have a bachelor’s degree in sport management.

What led you to CrowFly?

What led me to CrowFly is the opportunity to work under Nita Bhatia’s leadership and that my core values align with those of CrowFly. During my first conversation with Nita, I learned that the company’s ethos is centered around their customers. The team values transparency, education, and honesty. I read reviews about CrowFly, and they aligned with those values. I also view CrowFly as a company that is disrupting the industry and making it a better, more trustworthy place along with a proprietary platform. I believe in what CrowFly stands for.

What are your tasks as an intern?

To put it in a simple way, my tasks will involve working primarily with the buyer side of the company.

Share something that's particularly unique about your background and/or life.

Something unique about my background is that my graduating class was 22 students. I grew up 30 minutes east of Alex Bay in a little town called Morristown. It’s a totally different world up north but I am really loving Buffalo so far! I also love sports – I can talk about basketball, baseball, and football all day long.