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Can I Refinance My Structured Settlement?

Maybe you are facing a financial emergency or opportunity? Or your current structured settlement annuity is simply no longer providing what you need or want as periodic payments? It makes sense to wonder about your options for changing your structured settlement. Can you refinance, as you would with a mortgage, to get a better arrangement?

First, let’s take a look at what refinancing really means. A refinance, or refi, means that you are revising the terms of a credit agreement that you already have, such as with a mortgage or loan, in order to change the payment schedule, interest rate, and/or something else, for the better. While you can’t technically refinance a structured settlement, you do have options for changing how you receive your future payments. It’s just called something different.

Once a structured settlement annuity is established, the insurance company that issued it cannot legally make changes to your policy. However, CrowFly does offer liquidity options by transferring the rights to your payments in exchange for cash. You could “cash out” your future structured settlement payments and consider a world of options of what to do with that lump sum. Then, if you have money left over after covering your immediate need, you could investigate different options for reinvesting the money. Or, if you are selling the rights to payments because the frequency in which you receive them is no longer working for you, you could explore payment streams that others are selling on CrowFly’s platform, one of which might be more appealing for your current lifestyle and future goals.

Offering options to structured settlement recipients is what CrowFly is all about. We believe that you shouldn’t be trapped with a payment stream that no longer meets your needs. So, if your life circumstances have changed and you are looking to sell your structured settlement, you can work with CrowFly to come up with a new plan moving forward. Give us a call at 833-CROWFLY to speak with a knowledgeable team member about your options. There is absolutely no obligation when you contact us.