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Can Selling My Future Structured Settlement Payments Get Me An Immediate Lump Sum?

At CrowFly, we know that one of your reasons for selling future structured settlement payments is that you need a lump sum of money as soon as possible. However, one of the common misconceptions is that you can get paid now by selling. In reality, you cannot sell your structured settlement overnight. There are other companies out there who promise money quickly, but it’s crucial to recognize how long the process may take so you have clear expectations moving forward.

The Process

When you decide you want to sell your structured settlement payments, multiple steps can impact how long it takes to get cash. Here are some of the things you must consider:

  • Signing documents: Once a buyer has been found and all sides agree on the terms, you must sign documents. Your timeline is dependent on how long it takes to get through documentation.
  • Court schedule: Court approval is often necessary to protect the seller. However, the more backed up the court is, the longer it can take.

When selling a structured settlement payment, be aware of organizations that offer upfront money or a loan. There may be terms associated with these agreements (such as added interest rates) that impact the amount you may receive for your structured settlement payment.

How Long Will It Take to Get Your Money?

The process of selling your structured settlement payment takes about one to three months.

While you can’t get money instantly, you can work with a professional team that can help you through the process as quickly as possible. We will update you by sending notifications whenever you need to sign paperwork or agree to a court date, allowing the process to move forward smoothly.

CrowFly was created to help people sell structured settlement payments with as much ease and transparency as possible. We work to provide excellent customer service and help throughout the process. We don’t make false promises to get you to sell your future structured settlement payments. You get the truth, transparency, and the care necessary to move forward quickly.

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