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What is the Easiest Way to Sell My Structured Settlement?

You’ve seen the commercials and heard the catchy jingles. But is it really that simple to get cash for your future structured settlement payments?

We can’t speak for the big companies with the jingles, but at CrowFly, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for individuals who need to sell structured settlement payments. The truth is, there are a lot of moving parts when someone transfers the rights to future payments, which is what we mean by “selling.” That’s why our team goes the extra mile to simplify the process from day one, so all sellers need to do is follow along on our easy-to-use platform, attend their hearing, and wait for their lump sum payment to come in.

“This industry needs companies like CrowFly! It's really easy to use and provides great outcomes with transparency.” Sam F. (Google review)

A Simple, No-Hassle Way to Sell Your Structured Settlement Online

CrowFly’s one-of-a-kind platform cuts out the expensive and confusing middleman from each transaction. We’ve taken everything online so sellers can see exactly what is needed of them, and vetted buyers can browse the assets for sale and make offers. And for those who have questions or need help, our transaction navigators are available by phone and email every step of the way.

“Not only was using their website easy, the best part was this quote was vastly higher than their large competitors. If an amazing website (easiest quote I have ever received) and the highest bid I had received were not enough, there is the CrowFly team. I worked with co-founder Nita Bhatia, and I cannot say enough about her as a businesswoman and genuine good person. Her level of empathy for my situation, and her determination to get me the most money I could receive were unparalleled. Never before have a worked with a company and individual who could walk the thin line of profit and people to this manner.” – Paul A. (Google review)

It’s more than just our platform that makes selling structured settlement payments easy with CrowFly. Our team also handles the obstacles that often hinder sellers from getting their lump sum as fast as possible. For example, we're well versed in retrieving the necessary documents, so sellers do not have to dig for days or spend countless hours on the phone trying to track theirs down. So, if you don’t have your policy documents, no problem. We will help with the legwork to obtain it.

The point is, if you need to sell your future structured settlement payments, our team at CrowFly works hard to make the entire process as easy as can be. If you want to discuss in more detail what you can expect if you decide to sell, give us a call at 833-CROWFLY. And don’t worry, there’s no obligation if you contact us. A member of our team is ready to speak with you.