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Free Download: Ebook for Structured Settlement Buyers

Posted on December 16, 2020. Author: CrowFly

Buying the rights to structured settlement payments can help round out your portfolio with low risk, high performing fixed income. But many investors are unfamiliar with the asset class and how transactions are completed. That’s why we put together an ebook to share information you should know about buying.

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In our ebook, we answer the following (and more):

  • What are structured settlement payments?
  • What are the benefits of purchasing structured settlement payments as assets?
  • What do the assets look like when I view the inventory in CrowFly’s system?

Even if you’re just exploring the possibility of investing in the rights to future structured settlement payments, our ebook is a great place to start.

At CrowFly, we’re committed to creating a positive experience that is built on trust, accessibility, and transparency for individuals and families who have structured settlements and those looking to add such solid fixed income options to their portfolio. Contact CrowFly at (888) 560-6629, email [email protected], or visit to get started today.


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