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How to Get a Lump Sum for Your Structured Settlement Payments

Posted on June 12, 2020. Author: CrowFly

If you suffered a personal injury or lost a loved one in an accident, the structured settlement you received from your lawsuit was meant to last for years to come, maybe even your lifetime. But if a sudden expense or opportunity has come up, your settlement might be the only asset you have to cover it. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse a structured settlement agreement and receive a lump sum of money. However, there is hope; you may be able to transfer the rights to some or all of your future payments in exchange for cash.

CrowFly’s online platform helps you get the most value for your future structured settlement payments if you decide to sell. We connect you with pre-vetted buyers through our platform, minimizing transaction costs, and maximizing the lump sum you receive.

Turning Your Future Payments into a Lump Sum

When deciding whether to sell your structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash now, you can use our online calculator to get a free structured settlement estimate. That way, you’ll have an idea of how much money your future payments are worth today, and you can be more informed as to how much you should receive from a transfer. (Keep in mind that it is only an estimate and depending upon the timing, issuer, and other factors, we might be able to get you more for your specific structured settlement payments.)

If you can, it is always helpful to weigh this decision with a financial expert. In fact, some states require potential sellers to consult with an independent professional advisor (IPA) before proceeding. This is intended to make sure that you have worked through what you really need and understanding the value of the payments you are selling.

If, after careful consideration, selling is the right move, we will first verify your eligibility to sell. Then, we will list your payment stream on our platform (keeping your personal information confidential), so our vetted network of buyers can make you an offer. Once you agree on a purchase price, you’ll attend a court date coordinated by a transfer attorney. A judge will then review everything and approve the sale of your future payments for a lump sum. Once everything is finalized, CrowFly will facilitate the transfer of funds, and you will receive your payment

We outline the process of selling structured settlement payments in greater detail here. You can also download our free ebook for structured settlement sellers or contact us to talk it through with a real person.

We’re Here to Help, But Not to Pressure You

Our team at CrowFly is committed to getting you the best outcome and helping you meet your goals. Unlike some others, we’re not all about pushing you to sell, forcing transfers, or squeezing every dollar out of each transfer. We got into this to provide an ethical option for folks like you. It’s more important for us to educate you about your options and help you achieve your goals. If you do decide to sell structured settlement payments for cash, we will work to get you the money you need. 

To learn more about selling structured settlement payments and what you can expect, give us a call at (888) 560-6629. Or, get started here.


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