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How to Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Your structured settlement is likely a critical asset. But when a sudden expense arises, using your settlement money could be the only way to cover it. There is no way to reverse a structured settlement agreement and receive a lump sum. However CrowFly can help you transfer the rights to your future payments to a buyer in exchange for a lump sum, through a court order.

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Deciding to sell structured settlement payments

Transferring the rights – which is what we mean by selling structured settlement payments – is an irreversible process once the transfer is final. When deciding if selling your structured settlement is the right step, it is helpful to speak with your family and a financial advisor about the pros and cons.

Confirming you can sell

Not every annuitant is able to sell their payment stream. If you are receiving workers' compensation, pension or disability payments, you may not qualify for transfer. If you need help, our team is available to review your policy with you.

Choosing a company to help you sell your structured settlement payments

If you can legally sell your payment stream and decide it’s the best move, you’ll need to work with a company like CrowFly to make the sale. Not every company will offer you the same price, so it is helpful to shop around for the best discount rate. It’s also important to know that your experience will vary with different companies. CrowFly works to get you the most money as quickly as possible, while providing transparency and a friendly, accessible team.

Making the sale

CrowFly’s proprietary online platform allows vetted investors to browse structured settlement payment streams that are available. Once pricing is agreed upon, we will send you contracts and collect supporting documentation required for your file. Next, your file is sent to an attorney in your state to petition the court for a hearing regarding your request to transfer payments. At the hearing, the judge will confirm that you wish to proceed with the transaction, that the transaction meets statutory standards, and that selling the payments is in your best interest. If the court approves the sale, the judge will sign an order to transfer the rights to your future payments to the buyer. The issuer of your policy will then confirm the transfer, and you will receive funds directly to your bank account. 

CrowFly’s staff cannot provide financial advice, but we can answer any questions you have about the process of selling your structured settlement payments. You can give us a call at 833-CROWFLY to have a free, no-obligation chat about selling and to get a quote. 

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Start with a free, no-obligation quote

If you need to sell your future structured settlement payments, CrowFly will work to get you the most money. We also strive for a positive experience that is built on trust, accessibility, and transparency. You can use our free tool to get a quote today.

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You Deserve More

By working with CrowFly, you know that you will get our best rate upfront and you will not be pressured and rushed to make such an important financial decision. We are here to help educate you at each and every step.