Things to Consider When Buying
Structured Settlement Payments

Things to Consider When Buying Structured Settlement Payments

Make Informed Decisions with CrowFly

The team at CrowFly is committed to providing buyers with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions about the potential purchase of future structured settlement payments. Whether you’re an experienced financial planner or you’re simply planning for your retirement, you can trust CrowFly to help you find the perfect investment.

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What Kind of Asset Is a Structured Settlement?

Before you’re ready to submit your information and begin browsing the listings on CrowFly’s innovative platform, it’s important to understand how structured settlements function as assets. When individuals win a personal injury claim, they are usually financially compensated for their losses. This compensation is often awarded in scheduled payments over time, which is known as a structured settlement.

In terms of assets, a structured settlement is a type of annuity given by a well-regarded insurance company. When you purchase the rights to future payments from a seller, those specific future payments are transferred to you. Though every settlement is different, you can expect to see yields of up to 5 percent from your transaction when you use our online marketplace.

What You Don’t Have to Worry About

Though deciding to purchase structured settlement payments requires careful planning, CrowFly has simplified much of the sale process and makes it possible for buyers to invest in this unique asset. Our marketplace presents you with an easy way to browse through the available assets, and once you find a structured settlement that fits your investment goals, we make the purchase process as easy as possible.

As a buyer, you are securing guaranteed future income. Structured settlement payments are already established and predictable – you’ll know exactly how much and how often you will be paid, providing you with the perfect investment opportunity. Before being listed on our marketplace, each seller has been vetted and the details of their asset have been confirmed. With CrowFly, you can confidently make your purchases knowing you’re doing so in a safe environment and with a team of capable professionals ready to help.

Call (888) 560-6629 today for assistance regarding buying structured settlement payments. We can help you understand the benefits of adding structured settlements to your investment portfolio.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you browse the structured settlement listings on our platform, you’ll have all the important information available to you so you have what you need to choose the right investment opportunity to meet your goals.

Before you commit to purchasing an asset, you may want to consider the following:

  • How much the payments add up to in total
  • The number of payments available
  • When the payments are disbursed
  • Current market rates
  • Your long-term goals
  • Advice from a financial advisor

Our team encourages all buyers to consult financial advisors, if possible, to receive valuable input prior to making a purchase.

We are committed to getting you a better outcome. Always.

If you are interested in becoming an investor in a structured settlement payment, you need a team who knows how to help you get the best deal. That team is CrowFly.

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