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Is Buying Structured Settlement Payments a Good Investment?

Posted on July 12, 2021. Author: CrowFly

We often explain the benefits associated with selling future structured settlement payments. What about buyers, though? Individual investors purchase guaranteed future payments as investments through CrowFly – but how does it work?

With several investment options out there, it’s hard to find one that protects investors over the long term. However, purchasing structured settlement payments is often a low-risk option for investors to obtain fixed, periodic payments over time.

Structured settlement payments are a good investment because they are:

  • Secure, fixed payments over time.
  • A better return on money than more traditional low risk options like a CD or bond.
  • Guaranteed from highly rated insurance companies.
  • Relatively low-risk income.

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Fixed Payments Over Time

One of the most significant benefits for investors is that they pay one price in exchange for either a stream of guaranteed payments over a set number of years or a future lump sum (depending on the asset they purchase).

Investment decisions are all about the returns. Purchasing guaranteed future structured settlement payments through CrowFly is a win because:

  • The assets on our platform will cost you less than purchasing the same primary market annuities from the same insurance company directly.
  • Our assets are currently performing better than traditional, fixed-income options such as bonds, treasuries, CDs – and they are not subject to market volatility.
  • You can buy assets directly through our platform with no broker commission fees associated, which means more money in your pocket.
  • Purchasing on our platform helps people in financial need who need to sell their asset.

Guaranteed from Highly Rated Insurance Companies

Choosing investments can be challenging, especially when weighing potential volatility. Structured settlement payments are issued by highly reputable insurance companies. The policy also lays out the specific terms regarding guaranteed payment amounts and how long they will last. Investors have peace of mind knowing what to expect and that their investment is relatively low risk.

Low-Risk Income

Investing any amount of money means taking on specific risks. When you put money into the stock market, you run the risk of the market crashing and losing your money. For investors just starting out, it can seem daunting to enter any investment because of the high risks involved. Buying guaranteed future structured settlement payments is different. There’s minimal risk to purchasing future structured settlement payments. Investors receive income over a specific amount of time.

At CrowFly, we aim to simplify the process for you. If you want to buy future structured settlement payments, it helps to have transparency so that you know what to expect at every turn. We’ll explain your options clearly and concisely to help you make decisions that suit your needs. The buyer experience with CrowFly is seamless on our platform.

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