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Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments

It’s easy to sell your structured settlement payments with CrowFly. Our digitized process cuts out transaction costs and simplifies the sale, which means a better price and less hassle for you.

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Why Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments?

If you have a structured settlement, your guaranteed future payments are likely a critical asset. But when a sudden expense arises, if you (like most Americans) have limited savings, using that settlement money could be the only way to meet your immediate financial need. 

There is no way to reverse a structured settlement agreement and receive a lump sum. However, the good news is that annuitants with certain qualified structured settlements are able to transfer the rights to their future payments in exchange for cash. 

See if your situation, qualifies you to sell your structured settlement payments.

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Cover Medical Expenses

Certain situations we cannot predict. You can sell structured settlement payments to cover your medical bills.

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Accommodate Family Changes

Selling some or all of your future payments can give you financial relief when expecting a baby or losing a caregiver.

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Pay for Education

If you are thinking of returning to school or paying off student debt, you may qualify to sell your structured settlement payments.

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Make Home Repairs

If you do not have immediate funds to cover an emergency repair or home renovation, you may be able to use cash from selling your structured settlement to help with the cost.

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How much are your payments worth to a structured settlement buyer?

Use our structured settlement calculator to find out what our structured settlement buyers would offer for your payment stream.

How to Sell a Structured Settlement Through CrowFly

We have streamlined the process of selling structured settlement payments to ensure a hassle-free experience that results in the best offer for you. We’re here to help you get the most based on your situation, not haggle over the value of your asset.

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What Customers Say About Working With CrowFly

What to Consider Before Selling

When deciding if selling your structured settlement payments is the right step, it is helpful to ask these questions:

Do you need cash right now to cover an emergency or other immediate need?

Examples of an immediate need might be:
Medical emergency
Family changes (expecting a baby or losing a caregiver)
Going back to school
Moving your family
Major home repair or critical car replacement

How much of the future payments do you need to sell in order to meet your current need?

Selling future settlement payments involve some loss of value. So, make sure you are not selling more than you need. At the same time, selling your payments multiple times compounds the fixed costs in the process, so it’s important to avoid putting yourself in the position of selling multiple times within a short period of time.

CrowFly has a free calculator tool that enables users to discreetly and immediately estimate the value of their future structured settlement payments in order to decide whether it’s worthwhile to consider the options to transfer rights.

Is there any other way to pay for this immediate expense in order to continue to receive structured settlement payments?

CrowFly does not recommend any particular vendor, but there are many financial institutions, advisors, and lending companies you can consult. For example, unsecured personal loans are an option, but they can range widely in interest rates — from 5% to over 30% — while selling your payments will generally cost less than the equivalent of 6%.

Consider your local bank. If you can take out a home equity loan, interest rates will be substantially better.

- Check quoting resources such as NerdWallet or Bankrate.
- There are also loan aggregation platforms such as Prosper or LendingClub.

Will selling the rights to future structured settlement payments negatively impact my future financial security?

If you need the monthly payments from your settlement in order to get by, we recommend that you do not sell them. Look to the other options above or consult a personal financial planner. If you still have no other option, sell the payments that are furthest out if you can, but only after building a plan for how you are going to make up for the lost income.

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