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What am I selling?

You are selling a fixed-income asset in the form of a structured settlement in exchange for cash now.

iYour structured settlement, which was agreed-upon and issued by a court to be paid out in periodic payments to the plaintiff (you), can be a means of guaranteed income. But unexpected life events can arise, and you may find yourself needing immediate financial assistance with limited savings.

CrowFly understands this situation is a common occurrence for many Americans. That's why we're here to help, guide, and support you. We'll help you understand how much your structured settlement could be worth, find vetted buyers of your future payments, and finalize the sale of your structured settlement, all while ensuring your best interests are met with minimal costs and no superfluous fees. That's the CrowFly way. 

What can sellers expect with CrowFly?

iOur team of experienced advisors provide you resources to help you make the most informed decision when selling your future settlement payments. We'll be completely transparent throughout the whole process; we have nothing to hide.

The CrowFly discount rate, full transparency, and free resources.

iEach state has unique transfer of ownership laws for assets, so make sure you know the laws in your state with our online reference guide.

Navigation of federal and state structured settlement laws.

iThe process of selling structured settlements can be daunting, but CrowFly doesn't believe it should be. Our platform removes the middleman to reduce costs to the seller.

Turning your future settlement payments into a lump sum at the lowest cost to you.


1Source: AM Best Ratings

CrowFly Discount Rate

CrowFly Discount Rate

CrowFly is built to help

Annuitants of structured settlements can connect easily with individual and institutional investors using CrowFly. Get cash now to address an immediate financial need by selling your structured settlement with CrowFly. 

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Get the most out of your structured settlement.

Our proprietary platform removes the middleman from the selling process, so you can get the most money from selling your structured settlement.

Here's how it works

Know your settlement's worth

Our free calculator can give you an idea of how much you can sell your structured settlement to accredited buyers for.

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Get started! Submit your information through our secure online portal, and we'll make sure you're eligible to sell your structured settlement.

List your future settlement payments

Once you're verified, we'll list your future structured settlement payments on our proprietary marketplace to find a buyer through our vetted network of investors.

Sell your structured settlement

Our team of advisors will be there every step of the way to finalize your transaction once a quote  has been accepted and the sale begins.

Finalize the sale

Once the transaction has been approved, you have successfully sold your structured settlement! You will receive a lump sum payment from CrowFly.

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