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Structured Settlement Payments for Sale

CrowFly’s first-of-it kind digital platform makes buying structured settlement payments easy.

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mother and father holding a small childs hand

How it Works

CrowFly makes it easy for individuals to buy guaranteed future structured settlement payments. Our transparent, efficient platform directly connects qualified buyers with available payment streams, minimizing the transaction cost of a pass-through agent. Annuitants receive the maximum value for their structured settlement. Buyers pay a minimized cost and see a greater yield on their investment.

When you join CrowFly as a qualified buyer, you’ll get access to:


Available assets on our platform, which minimizes transaction costs and means a better deal for you.


Helpful resources on our website to help you navigate the purchasing process.


A simple platform to browse investment opportunities for free. You don’t have to pay a cent until you decide to make a purchase.


Security in our online portal.


A knowledgeable team ready to assist you throughout the sale.


Protected, long-term income once you’ve purchased a payment stream.

Easy-to-use Digital Platform

Our simple platform displays available assets in a clear and concise way. Once you become one of our eligible buyers, you will have access to our available listings. And if you have any questions about an available asset or need help, our team is on standby for you.

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Our Purchased Listings



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Become a CrowFly’s Structured Settlements Buyer

Get access to our online platform where you can buy structured settlement payments and diversify your portfolio with high yield assets.