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Structured Settlements as Investments

Structured settlement payments can be a great investment because they provide guaranteed secure future income with high return.

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Benefits of Buying Guaranteed Structured Settlement Annuity Payments

Buying the rights to future settlement payments is similar to buying an annuity, bond, or other guaranteed fixed-income asset. Our assets have yields as high as 5% and are backed by insurance companies generally rated Superior (A+) or better. Risk profiles are aligned with – or sometimes better than – treasuries or other fixed-income assets. Since the payments are contractually defined, locked in, and predictable, there is no volatility, no market exposure, no variability in the terms or contracts, and no fluctuation in value of the asset. We have decades of experience in the industry and know how to ensure each asset is well vetted and titled.

Potential for tax-deferred growth

The asset may be included in tax-deferred accounts such as IRAs.

Protected, long-term income

Future payments provide peace of mind that there is predictable income for the long-term.

Protection against risk

Buyers obtain a low risk asset, which can be a hedge against market volatility and losses.

Higher yield

CrowFly gives access to a new category of attractive assets that provide consistent income over time.

High Security vs Low Security graphic
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Why Invest Through CrowFly?

CrowFly is the only online platform in the structured settlement space that cuts out the expensive middleman. By creating a more ethical, transparent, and low-pressure environment, CrowFly maximizes the value of a seller’s settlement asset while offering a great purchase price to the buyer with high returns. By investing in structured settlement payments with CrowFly, you can expect:


Easy registration & vetting process. Account setups and qualifications on the CrowFly online platform are streamlined and straightforward.


Clean documentations & titling. Concerned about analyzing assets? Don’t be, CrowFly provides you with all the details and the paperwork necessary to make an educated decision on assets.


Clear, up-to-date listings. Log in any time, from anywhere, and freely browse attractive investment opportunities that fit your current portfolio needs.


A transparent closing process. CrowFly’s platform combined with decades of experience, make vetting and titling easy.


Social good. Buyers join CrowFly in ethically supporting harmed individuals and families in need of immediate funds.

If you are interested in purchasing the rights to future structured settlement payments, CrowFly is the right place for you. Our agents would be happy to provide more information about our process and what you can expect.

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Diversify Your Portfolio with Structured Settlements as Investments

If you’re planning for retirement, you already know that diversifying your portfolio is key. Consider investing in guaranteed structured settlement payments – non-market correlated alternative investments with an outstanding yield. Historically, these opportunities have been reserved for institutions. CrowFly’s platform is one of the only places that has made these assets available to investors like you.

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Invest in Structured Settlement Payments

Get access to our online platform where you can buy structured settlement payments and diversify your portfolio with high yield assets.