What to Expect When Working With CrowFly

What to Expect when Working with CrowFly

We make selling your structured settlement payments easy with our simple process and friendly team of experts.

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CrowFly Promise

You have a reason to consider selling your guaranteed structured settlement payments. We promise to respect your time and decision, provide you with our best offer upfront, navigate you through the selling process and answer any question you might have in a timely manner. Our team of experts is ready to help ensure your selling structured settlement process goes smoothly, without any pressure or stress.

CrowFly Vs. Others

We’ve changed the way structured settlement payments are sold and bought. See how we’re different from other structured settlement companies.



Work on Your Own Time graphicWork on Your Own Time graphic

Work on Your Own Time

Our team will never pressure you to sell. No matter what stage of the process you are in, we will answer your questions and address your concerns.

Rush you through the process graphicRush you through the process graphic

Rush You Through The Process

They will not grant you space and respect your time when you need it. They will contact you multiple times per day via phone, email, or text.

Best Upfront Quote graphicBest Upfront Quote graphic

Best Upfront Quote

We give you our best offer upfront. We value your time and don’t hide what your structured settlement is worth to our buyers. You can even use our free structured settlement calculator to get an estimated quote without sharing any personal information.

Multiple Counter Offers graphicMultiple Counter Offers graphic

Multiple Counter Offers

Once they hear better offers from competitors, they will counter offer you with a significant difference from their first quote. Most companies work on commission and aim to get the biggest margin that they can.

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We are different because we are transparent, we care, and we educate. We are here to answer questions and educate you about the complex process of selling structured settlement payments.

Unclear Directions & Timelines graphicUnclear Directions & Timelines graphic

Unclear Directions & Timelines

Other companies will often provide unclear directions, present you with false timelines, and will not take time to educate you and ensure the decision is in your best interest.

Build Relationship with One Representative graphicBuild Relationship with One Representative graphic

Build Relationship with One Representative

From start to finish, you will work with one representative who knows you, knows your story, and cares about you and your success.

multiple Representatives graphicmultiple Representatives graphic

Multiple Representatives

You may be passed around to multiple representatives, causing you to explain your situation multiple times and you will not have a consistent partner throughout the whole process.

Happy Sellers graphicHappy Sellers graphic

Happy Sellers

After working with CrowFly, you will feel good knowing that you got the best offer for your structured settlement payments while being respected and cared for.

Exhausted Sellers graphicExhausted Sellers graphic

Exhausted Sellers

You feel exhausted from constant pressure, stress, and phone calls. You are relieved the process is complete and you hope you will never have to go through this experience again.

Structured Settlement calculator
Structured Settlement calculator

CrowFly Offers Our Best Discount Rate Upfront

When selling your structured settlement payments, it is essential to understand why discount rate is an important part of your transaction. CrowFly's all-time average discount rate is 5.99%. When CrowFly entered the market, competitor discount rates were averaging between 10% and 20%. Currently, we are seeing the industry average ranging between 6.00% and 12.00%, and we can’t help but feel our rates had something to do with it! In the table below, you can see how various discount rates can impact how much you receive from your structured settlement.

Value of Structured Settlement Payments at Various Discount Rates

$10,000 per year for 20 years starting one year from now = $200,000

Discount Rate




5.99% (CrowFly’s Average!)












Use our Free Structured Settlement Calculator to get your estimate today!

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You Deserve Better

At CrowFly, not only will you get a better offer for your structured settlement payments, but you will also receive great customer service from professionals who care.